Is it Feminist? : Obvious Child

romantic feminist comedy? sounds interesting

Be Young & Shut Up

A few nights ago my roommates and I went to see Obvious Child, a romcom about a standup comedian (played by former SNL actor Jenny Slate) and her abortion. I did not know what to expect. One roommate was concerned about building up too many feminist expectations in anticipation of this film. We’ve been let down before on the feminist front by films like Don Jon, or Ruby Sparks, and Jenny Slate’s work is hard to pin down, what with Bob’s Burgers and “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” The release date of Obvious Child is tomorrow, so I’ve made it my mission to review it without any spoilers, or at least nothing that can’t be gleaned from the trailer.

All is not rosy in Brooklyn. Donna’s boyfriend and best friend have run off together, her comedy suffers, and after some “light stalking” and a night…

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