Mashups are composition tools, which are simple enough to understand in that they generally do not require any programming skills. For instance a mashup can be a combination of content from more than one source to create something new. For instance, a remix combines audio from one song with another like a meme combines images from multiple sources.  The term originally came from British – West Indies slang meaning to be “intoxicated, or as a description for something or someone not functioning as intended” (Wikipedia 2014, Mashups).

Internet memes have become a prominent aspect of digital culture as Limor Shifman suggests they represent a new form of digital participation (Lecheler 2014, Book Review). For instance, a YouTube video of Gangnam Style performed by PSY attracted millions of viewers online. Some of these viewers proceeded to invest time and effort into producing new versions of the video such as Romney Style and Eton Style. These self-produced videos reflect the active audience of convergent media. Memes can therefore “be thought of as a new form of civic participation” (Lecheler 2014, Book Review).

Eton Style

Some of the most popular Internet memes are “videos and photos that feature humour and/or representations of ‘flawed’ individuals struggling with their daily lives. One is the popular and widely-shared ‘David after Dentist’ video, which features little David babbling away under the effects of anaesthesia (Lecheler 2014, Book Review).

David After Dentist

Lessig describes remix to be where “audiences become liberated into participation in cultural production” (Whelan & Fruend 2013, Remix). In light of the concept of the audience as a produser of content across online environments, the practice of a remix “should align with its core values to inform, educate and entertain” (Hutchinson 2013, The Cultural Impact).

Nelly vs. Bee Gees – Stayin Hot


Luke Million’s remixes have exploded off the internet and onto the dance floor. It’s hard to keep up with his hypnotising melodies as ‘his fingers move at the speed of light shooting synth laser beams through the universe’ ( Perhaps one of the reasons why his remixes have become so popular is that his tunes makes you want to get up and dance to the rhythm of the beat. His creativity reflects the trending viral videos on YouTube where anyone and everyone are uploading their favourite remixes.

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