Hello I am a traditional archer and independent filmmaker, having recently completed a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Newcastle. Like many other young Australians my life is immersed in digital culture.

I use social media on my smartphone, watch TV while simultaneously texting my friend using my iPad, participate in online forums, share and create videos on YouTube, use independent media sites and blogs to read the news and stream movies and TV shows on my home computer.

That sounds like a lot to get through in one day, but for me it feels quite ordinary and I suppose it’s a result of living in a culture surrounded by digital technologies that make it so simple.

These technologies enable people from all over the world to come together in online communities where they can share and create their stories and opinions. Blogs are a simple and effective platform for creating and sharing ideas, for instance, sharing opinions on the latest news story, food recipe, artistic photograph, piece of writing or current event.

With the assistance of social media like Twitter and Facebook, people can communicate instantly with each other and keep up to date with the latest trending topics. Websites like YouTube allow people to discover, watch, share and create original video content. But what they all have in common is the ability to empower people to become an active audience where they can participate not only in sharing content but also in creating it.

These online tools make it so simple for a person to involve themselves in the production process that the differences between media producers and users are becoming indistinguishable due to the capabilities of the Internet.

This blog has been created to discover and create an opinion on the issue. So please feel free to leave your opinion on the topic while you are perusing my blog.

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