The Interview: with Portrait Photographer Jessica Laforet

“The most useful impact is the ability to connect people. From that, everything flows” (Anderson & Rainie 2014, Difital Life).

Blogging is about community, sharing and friendship, and with that in mind I have decided to add a new component to my website simply titled “The Interview“. This new, somewhat regular serial, will contain a feature interview with a photographer who’s work I admire and who I think you should know about. My inaugural interview takes us back to the city you’ve all come to know through this blog, Toronto. I truly hope you enjoy.

Meet Jessica Laforet, Toronto portrait photographer, and lover of analogue film. I first learned of Jessica’s work through Instagram. She was in the midst of completing a 100 Portraits project in the streets of Toronto using film. I instantly fell in love with her images, their feel and their tones. She displays a true knack for connecting with her subjects and capturing who they really are at that very moment.

© Jessica Laforet © Jessica Laforet

Here now, 

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