The Five Worst Responses to #Bringbackourgirls

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Be Young & Shut Up

In the middle of last month, nearly 300 Nigerian girls preparing for exams were abducted by Boko Haram, an anti-westernization terrorist group, and it took a hashtag campaign for the world at large to really start noticing and caring. People like to make fun of Twitter activism, but, well, the fact remains that two weeks passed before the hashtag started trending and we suddenly started getting facts and government statements. If that’s a coincidence, it’s a pretty big one.

So far, things are moving slowly and little progress has been made, aside from Boko Haram offering to trade girls for imprisoned members of their group. Having served its purpose of drawing worldwide attention to the crisis in Nigeria, the hashtag has settled into the less glamorous role of maintaining interest and helping other people call attention to their own pet causes through hijacking that interest. While we wait to see the resolution of the…

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